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EpiScopes handled our database migration when we virtualized our ERP environment.  They created routines to manage our DB backups and transaction logs. Best of all, I get a daily email alert with fundamental information about the health of my database environment which allows me to check for database issues before they arise!"  

- Dave B. 

Director of IT, Progressive Converting

SQL Server DBA


Data drives your organization.

We protect and manage data in

SQL Server environments.

SQL Server Installation

We install SQL Server and configure SSRS (Reporting), SSIS (Integration), SSAS (Analytics) and Availability Groups for HA/DR


Complex SQL Queries

We design, repair and tune SQL queries and stored procedures that companies depend on.


Managed DBA Services

We can manage your SQL Server environment. We will handle backups and restores, monitor log and drive space, and ensure that your SQL Server database has maximum up time. Our maintenance packages start at $399 per month!


SQL and Report Training

We provide SQL, ERP and Report Design training specifically for your company's SMEs and data professionals.

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