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We were on a deadline and needed to provide complex financial documents to our clients securely and with 100% accuracy.  EpiScopes took our raw data and created custom PDFs to satisfy our client less than 24 hours!"  

- Ryan D. 

CEO of The Convergence Group

Data Warehousing graphic

Data Warehousing and Analytics


Custom Data Warehouses provide key insights and analytical measurement specific to your enterprise.

Data Warehouse (DW) & Analytics Cube Design

We design DWs that provide custom reporting and analytics. Formatted and delivered to suit your needs. 

Data Migration

We will migrate data from your legacy ERP into your new ERP or DW as well as other legacy sources: Excel, Access, SharePoint, etc. 

Dashboards and Data Sets

We provide dashboards, reporting and data sets that empower decision making for executives and SMEs. 


We can migrate data from companies you acquire into your DW or ERP. We recreate or merge their legacy reports into your reporting environment.

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