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Larry provides a vibrant perspective, efficient and clear communication, unparalleled expertise without any fluff while maintaining professionalism with a refreshing personality."  

- Chris A. 

Senior Developer at the Field

Our Mission

  • To solve data problems in the Manufacturing & Distribution space.

  • To provide custom solutions that maximize the power of your ERP software.

  • To emphasize simplicity, validation and documentation of data environments.


  •    Data democratizes and empowers users.
  •    Data validation is key throughout the design phase.
  •    Our success comes from ongoing review and feedback from our customers.

Larry began working with databases in the early 2000’s.


He brings over a decade of experience as a Microsoft SQL Server database administrator, focusing on government and demographic data, medical claims data and ERP data.


Larry has spent the last ten years working with ERP clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries and has played a key role in multiple ERP implementations. He excels at identifying key data points and metrics for ERP clients, mapping key ERP processes with end users, and writing complex SQL queries to extract legacy data. Larry also excels at creating ERP reporting solutions, designing data warehouses, and automating ERP processes.

Larry is a strong believer that "ERP databases are essential to the success of the modern manufacturing company. However, the modern ERP is a complex piece of software and presents challenges for smaller IT staffs." This is a primary reason why Larry started EpiScopes–"ERP platforms are often overly complex and my expertise empowers me to simplify ERP and bridge the learning gap for smaller manufacturing companies."


Larry Simmons, Owner & Senior Developer


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